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What we do

Our Infographic approach

Our solutions are designed and realized using innovative software tools and we use an infographical approach when rendering our services. Please see our Cases Studies to have a concrete example of how we render our services regarding financial data analysis.

If you want to learn more about how our software tools are used to render Infographic analysis on financial data, you can find several case studies on the IDSys® Team Website following the link to:

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Four Types of customers

We work with four types of customers from all around the world:-

  • Forensic Accounting Agencies
  • Law Firms
  • Bank and Insurances
  • Large Corporate

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Our Services

We render a wide range of services based both on our technologies and the IBM®Safer Planet platforms i2 and SPSS, our main goal is to collect our customers data, then using our tools transform the data into information understandable at a glance through the Infographical representation.

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Our Technologies

We have developed several software tools used by our analysts to render our services, the main one is the RepSys suite, made of several tools built to collect, transform, normalize, enrich and organize financial transaction data, and then represent them rendering infographical analysis on their content and structure. Our tools produce clean data that can be then supplied to the IBM® i2 platform for further analysis and to the IBM® SPSS Modeler to allow using them as source for predictive analysis and clustering analysis.

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