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IT’S .:. B2B is able to provide its customers with a wide range of services addressed to:-

  • Forensic Accounting & Investigation organizations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Large Corporates
  • … and more

Using the software tools developed by our team, and the skills of our data and financial analysts both in house and through the IDSys® network, we can provide to our customers several services in various fields, here below are some examples.

Forensic Accounting & Investigation Services

The following services are provided to Forensic Accounting Agencies, Investigative Organizations and Law Firms.


Fund Transfer Analysis

Infographic representations of complex systems of financial transactions

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Database Normalization and Validation

Get the best from your collected data

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Financial Institutions Services

We work for Financial Institutions like Banks, Investments Funds, Family Offices and Insurances.




Proactive Clusters Monitoring

Detect, Investigate, Discover and Prevent internal Frauds

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Covenants Monitoring

Monitor the respect of agreed Covenants and Financial Performances

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Large Corporate Services

We work with various large groups of companies, where we can provide some very innovative services based on our Corporate Finance and Infographic knowledge and experience.



Infographic Cash Flow Analysis

Generate an infographic map of your cash flow creation, transfer and use

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Corporate Monitoring

Monitor performances, KPI and Covenants

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Business and Financial Planning

Define the objectives of your organization

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Other Services

We are able to render also other types of services addressed to various customers.



Software Development

Develop specialized software for our customers

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Data Collection

Collect the data you need for your analysis

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