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How to achieve Quality in Data

The software tools developed by IT’S .:. B2B are designed to support financial data analysts to achieve quality in data follow them through the whole process starting from all availabel data, to extract significant data through normalization and data mining, to transform data in information that can be then analyzed using our Infographic tools to represent their meaning.

All Services provided by IT’S .:. B2B analysts or through the IDSys® Team are realized through two technologies:

  • IDSys technology
  • IBM technology

working in collaboration.


IDSys Technology

IDSys® Technology is composed by RepSys, a suite of tools that is developed by IT’S .:. B2B. The suite is focused on the analysis of complex systems of financial transactions and It is composed of 6 different software tools:

  1. Importing Tool
  2. Complexity Reduction
  3. Protect Privacy (Data Masking and Obfuscation)  
  4. Couple Matching
  5. Documents Viewer
  6. Fund Transfer Analysis (Infographic )

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IBM Technology

IBM has developed various software solutions that are able to analyze Structured and Unstructured data. IT’S .:. B2B is authorized software seller of :

Safer Planet Solutions

  • IBM i2 Analyze

Customer and Predictive Analytics

  • IBM SPSS Modeler

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KIT Knowledge Management for Business

IT’S .:. B2B has developed solutions to many problems of customers during the years, one of these solutions is the KIT Knowledge management suite.

KIT is designed for use in small business and work groups and is a Knowledge Management System that allows to create all documents issued by a company, with a full versioning system, send the documents through email or print them. Import, store and add information to all documents received by a company, with full versioning system.

Organize documents by topic, office, use, project or any other classification needed by a company using virtual folders called Document Spaces.

Protecting privacy and security using a granular system of ACL (Access Lists) to allow the user to access data and documents on a need to know basis.

Search through all data in the KIT datastore using Full Text Search.

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