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About Us

IT’S.:.B2B srl was born in 2014 from the convergence of the experience and professional skills of its founding partners, gained in more than 25 years of working experience in management consulting and development of information technology software solutions for business. The union of the right mix of experience allows our team to run high value added projects with satisfaction of our customers and long term cooperation in further development.

Our Mission: Innovation 2.0

Our mission is “Innovation brought to business to help improve management tasks and make complex things simple“. Using Information Technology to  organize knowledge and automate recurrent tasks,  with the objective of increasing the quality of the interventions and results, making them durable.

Our Values

  • Innovation : Word often overused, for us means “only way to remain on the market”
  • Adaptability: be responsive in an ever-changing system
  • Passion: for all that you do, with a continuous search to do better
  • Ideology: strong ideals allow to achieve important goals
  • Committment: in the quality of the projects we develop and the relationship with the customer
  • Experience: of professionals involved in the activities scheduled in each project
  • Independence: judgment always objective and free from any constraints of subordination
  • Transparency: the information produced are always clear and simple to understand
  • Responsibility: the comittments are always accurately respected
  • Confidenciality: all informations are always strictly treated as classified

Attentive listening

Efficiency in  development of projects both in management reorganization and information technology, requires a strict cooperation between the customer and the professionals. Communication is the heart of successful projects.

The elements that determine the quality of the result depend upon many aspects. Listening skills and deep understanding of requirements are without a doubt the most important.

Development projects frequently require intervention across multiple business areas, involve different people with different needs. In this context it is necessary to merge all requirements in valid and feasible solutions for the company and split them into simple actions, effective and scheduled as milestones.

Attention to listening and understanding have to be highest at the initial stage but have also to remain constantly high during all phases of the project. Avoid to underestimate any key aspect is what keeps things straightforward and helps minimize any subsequent corrective adjustments.

This way, the better understanding of requirements together with caution and an agile approach to actions, helps avoiding unpleasant disappointment of the customer and carry out the project successfully.

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